Your official photos of the annual Jeep and Jeepers Jamborees.

A little info about who the heck I am!
Hello! I'm Shannon, and this is my oldest son, Cash. Some of you may have seen him out on the trail with me in 2016. I have 3 boys, Cash is 7, Beckham is 6 and Sawyer is 3. 

I have been clutching a camera as long as I can remember. I wanted to major in Photography in college, but was convinced by others that Business was a much better choice....I still took photography classes, and spent all of my free time shooting my friends and their Jeeps (no joke) or in the dark room. I didn't own a digital camera back then. 

I opened my photography business in 2012, just part time. I specialize in newborn, maternity and family fine art portraiture. Imagine that! I'd love nothing more than to be a full time photographer. However, I do work a full time job at a fairly large company, where I am a business analyst. Being the sole provider for 3 little guys, the stability of corporate world is the most responsible thing for us right now. Soon, I will be living my photography dream and go full time. 

While portrait photography is my main business, I love to hobby in other types of photography. Off road photography is a long time love of mine. I would go up to Bassi Falls and have friends flex out their Jeeps. I'd crawl under rocks, near tires, get the perfect shot. I love it! I love producing an image that evokes emotion of the viewer. 
Living so close to the Rubicon and Jeepers Jamboree,  I have always wanted to go up and photograph all the awesome rigs running the trail during the annual Jamborees. I was asked to cover the events in 2016 and was so excited! A little check on my bucket list :)

​I really hope you all enjoy your images and would love to come back in years to come. I've definitely made some notes on how to make things smoother for this year. Hiring some help is a must! I try to do it all myself, but the reality is, I can't. 


Dream BIG!