Hello Friends,
I'm working away to get your Jeepers Jamboree photos uploaded. Verizon chose this week to work on our tower, so my internet has been awful! I appreciate your patience as it is expected to only be this week (through 8/14). You may continue to contact via FB, text or message me here. I am getting all your messages, and have a list that I'm working to get done first. I don't know if my message response are getting back to you, I'm trying :)
I'm hoping I will have enough of a signal to start uploading images later this afternoon (8/7).
I'll post an update this evening!

I have your 2016 pictures. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you don't see your images. I have and will continue to prioritize yours if you contact me. 

Be sure to head on over to the Jamboree Photos Facebook page, give it a like and make sure you are set up to receive notifications. Starting in July, I will be posting discounts codes for your 2017 photos.

Be kind. Be grateful. Be humble.



To locate your images....
Use the search box and key in your Jamboree Sticker number. If you don't see yours, it's just because I'm still working on them. for the 2016 trips, there are nearly 9,000 images between the 3 days (no joke...that is a LOT of awesomeness)! For the 2017 Jeepers trip, I have just under 6000 images. Jeep Jamboree is tomorrow! 

I still can't find my pictures!